Using glass door windows as windows

mjtx2October 25, 2011

I read somewhere that you can save a lot of money on stationary windows by using standard sliding door windows (not the doors, just the stationary window). We're planning on a lot of glazing and I'm looking to save money. Anyone ever hear of this? Would it work and would it save money?

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I think you are going to need to explain that better

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Okay I'll try. You know how sliding glass patio doors have one stationary unit and one slider? We're talking about using several stationary units from sliding glass doors as the windows. Actually, they don't have to be sliders, just not the operable door of a door set. Apparently they're standard sized and mass produced, thus cheaper. Did that make better sense?

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What are you going to use for a frame, the 2 panels (stationary and operator) are in one frame, how do you intend to install a fixed or stationary panel only? Also they would have tempered glass in them due to the fact that they are made as part of a door unit so I don't know why or how they would be cheaper than fixed windows. Standard size does not mean mass produced and cheaper by any means.

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How do you plan on attaching them to frame? Door panels aren't made to use as windows. Were you just planning on putting them in the opening and thenframing it out with wood stops? If so, that's a really bad idea because you will have a very high air infiltration rate, water penetration and the caulf will contantly be cracking due to the movement of the door in the opening.

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You twisted it a little as to what you heard. Here is the lowdown. If you have windows that require tempered glass, you will realize significant savings by using standard tempered door panels instead. As an example, a common sized lite for a 6068 patio door is 34" x 76". If you use that piece of glass in a fixed window frame, your window would be approximately 36" wide by 78" high.
If you don't require tempered glass, the cost savings are not as great but there are some advantages to having the tempered glass even if code doesn't require it.

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Yes, actually you can. I replaced an old slider because one side the seal failed and glass became cloudy. Replaced it with French doors; anyways, the other clear side I reused on back wall of garage. It is up high enough so no can look in - like a skylite for the wall. Carefully remove door frame, mine was aluminum and recycle it :) Make sure your rough opening is at least 1/4" larger, square, has a header and jack studs. Rip 1x1" stock for interior and exterior molding stops. May want to add 30 degree bevel to bottom of exterior stop (shed rain). Install small hard rubber bumpers to prevent glass from touching wood. Bumpers must be wide enough that both panes of glass will sit on it. I spaced 2 on short side and 4 on long. Followed this by silicone or 1/16x3/8 glazing tape (from insulated glass fabricator). Get a helper or make a wedge to prevent glass from falling in on you. Repeat tape or silicone on interior and install interior stop molding. Make sure molding to snug to glass to prevent moisture but be careful, even tempered glass can break easily when you least expect it. Good luck.

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