Does cherry get redder over time?

mkiv808July 22, 2009

It's common knowledge that it gets darker, but does it get redder too?

I'm choosing between two finishes: a medium-dark brownish cherry, and a reddish dark cherry for my kitchen. I'm edging towards the reddish dark cherry but am nervous it may be too dark.

For reference, here's the lighter, more brown cherry:

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Also, are we talking many years for darkening (and reddening)? What's the process like?

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No, it doesn't get redder. If it's not sufficiently red to start with, it isn't going to "fix" itself.

As to the time it takes for darkening, it really depends on sun exposure. If you have big windows that allow direct sun to hit your cabinets, the change could be fairly quick. If the kitchen is a dim North-side room, the change will be much more gradual.

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Cherry starts off with a red-pink tint to the raw wood, and slowly browns up with UV exposure.

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