Anyone have new Anderson removable grilles? or other brand?

jessie21October 27, 2009

Well, I'm still searching for replacement windows. Never dreamed it would be this difficult. One problem I'm having is deciding on the grilles. I love the SDL look but am unwilling to clean all those corners on both sides of the glass. Don't really like the way between the glass ones look, unless someone can show/tell me how much they like theirs.

Our old windows are 30 yr old andersons, with the removable plastic grilles and grommets which, to be honest, I have always liked, despite the fact that they are a bit of a pita to get off and on. I've seen brands of windows (trimline and marvin) that have ridiculous push pins that cut into the sash and with big obvious plastic things on the grids themselves, that operate the push-pins. terrible design I think. Pella architect have snap on, with a little tack head thing on the sash....they are a bit better.

I may drive the hour plus to pittsburgh (yet again) to check out how the andersons do it. If anyone has new andersons....I'm interested in renewals or regular, not sure which....with removable grilles, can you tell me how they look/work? A close up pic would be so great too.

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If it is a closer drive you might try a home depot store they carry Andersen. We are also looking at windows but i think we will get the between the glass ones.

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Thanks, from....I can see the regular Anderson's close-by but not the Renewals. They have a specialized, proprietary type thing going. I'm curious about them because they claim to have narrower frames and so you lose less glass. You and I are in that boat together....I've been following your journey too!

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I did not like the look of the Renewal product (the window not the grids) the shape of the sash (corners rounded). The Andersen guy we have is quoting use the 400 tiilt wash window with a full ripout and install for only 6% more then the renewal insert. We are leaning toward the between the glass grid. He is comming back to our house with a 400 TW plus some grid examples.

When we looked at Pella, one of the grid options they had was a two-tone (outside white and inside wood). We liked that, but our fear was the inside wood on the grid would not match our trim (wife was more worried about that then i was).

The Andersen guy said they could offer the same thing and the inside of the grid will be a maple wood color, that sounds like it should match our wood trim so he is bringing one for us to look at.

We looked at a 400 TW and a 400 woodwright at home depot and i liked the woodwright better (the jamb is smaller) but they are more $$. This project is allready going to cost us more then we had thought, but that is ok (to a point).

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Anyone have any comments on Paradigm vs Harvey Tribute windows? Replacing siding so new construction is recommended.

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from, did you see the marvin infinity with the everwood option? You would have to stain with gel stain to match your woodwork, or go for a full frame replacement. (I never asked about the full frame replacement when I had the guy out here.) I thought they were pretty nice, but only had inside the glass grids or permanent.

The Pella guy told me they could actually take a sample of your woodwork and stain to match at the factory. The only thing is that it costs an additional LOT of money, imo, and there's no way I would do it. But if it's that important to you (or the wife!), maybe it would work for you. Not sure if that would apply to the grids too, but, worth asking maybe. They can also deliver the windows in advance if you want to finish them yourself and then come back for the install when they are done. Of course, that wouldn't work for the actual grids between the glass.

Thanks for letting me know about the "roundness" of the Renewals. Did you happen to see the Anderson removable grids? We will drive around again this weekend, but any heads up about how they look and/or how they are attached would be great.

I totally know what you mean about cost. I'm pretty shocked at the basically 1000+ per window cost. Just amazing, and why we are only doing one side of our house at a time!

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Jessie21 - We are going to do half our windows this year and the other half next year. We are also doing a bay-window in the place where two sid by side DH's are. The is going to add about 3,000 to the cost.

We were only focused on the grid between the glass so we did noy pay any attention to the removable grids.

We have a Marvin guy comming out Wed of next week to give us a quote from them. We saw the everwood product at a homeshow last winter and from what i remember it looked good.

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Research andersen "conversion kits". If you like your old grills get new windows and reuse the old grills.

Conversion kits take about 20 minutes to install , you get new sash, jambliners and balancers. 10/20 warrenty and they qualify for the tax credit and are a fraction of the price.

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We have looked at the Andersen 400 T/W and I really liked the way the internal grids attach (colonial style) they have a grommet in the window and a spring loaded pin on the grid. We were actually wanting the modified prairie style grid and these have the grommet in the grid and then a thin metal clip that slides between the glass and the sash (works better then it sounds).

We started out wanting the between the glass grids but for various reasons we have moved away from those.

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