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nyboyOctober 17, 2013

Hi I have this posted in antique section and was suggested I also post here. I bought a stainglass light from a old house. The shade is very dirty, I think people in house where smokers the dirt doen't wpe off almost glued on. The shade is made up of many small pieces held togather with lead. I started cleaning small area with windex and was surprized some of the glass was white thats how dirty it is. I am worried about hurting the lead while cleaning.What would be best way to clean?

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Most of the recommendations call for using non ammonia cleaners etc. I am here to tell you, that kind of dirt does not come off without some some heavy duty degreaser. I would use DAWN dish soap. And if it were mine personally, I would use ammonia to remove that stuff. Id rather have a clean lamp than a dirty one, But thats me and depending on age and condition who knows what would happen.

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Thanks funny, people in antique forum almost all said use ammonia

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Best cleanser I've EVER found for ANYTHING is Ala's Totally AWESOME. No acid, no amonia, no bleach and non-flammable. Cleans everything washable - spray on, wipe off. It practically melts it off instantly. Washing walls, door facings - this house wouldn't be w/o it. Get it at the $ stores. I've noticed Walmart has started carrying it too.

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For that price I have to try it lol. Ps the dollar stores in southern NY are $1.25 now.

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Sounds good to try Slow. I know that sticky tacky greasy dusty stuff just wont come off without ammonia and dawn. Like I said if it was mine, a one time cleaning with ammonia I dont think would hurt, But I cant judge for someone else. But that stuff sounds cool to try.

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My friend swears by "awesome " cleaner.
I'm afraid to try it..I hate to clean ~ she said she couldn't stop! :-0!
Sorry, I'm not a help on. The SG lamp. I couldn't resist the 'awesome 'plug !

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409 spray cleaner is good at cutting through sticky tacky greasy stuff too. That's what I use on almost everything. However, I've put the "Awesome" cleaner on the grocery list and will try it.

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I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd comment. I have used Tilex bathroom cleaner on some very greasy things (stainless steel shelving that I bought from a KFC, a stove hood vent that hadn't been cleaned in a very long time) and it worked great. I just sprayed it on, left it sit for several minutes, then wiped it off and all the nasty dirt and grease came off with it. Then I used a damp cloth to wipe of the Tilex. I was amazed that it seemed to act as a degreaser.

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