Cleaning Butcher Block - Vinegar or Not?

petersenJuly 14, 2009

I am turning to the experts for advice. I am the doting owner of beautiful cherry butcher block counters, including a large end cut works surface. I have my scraper and my mineral oil and mineral oil/beeswax mixture, but I want to know the best way to kill bacteria (meat) and odors (garlic). Internet resources suggest white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are good for this purpose, but I've seen some retailers warn about the warping and worse properties of vinegar if it comes in contact with the wood.

What should I be doing to make sure I am sanitary and that everything is not infused with garlic.

Also, if bleach is not good for waterlox, which is what my stand-alone cabinet is finished with, what can I use on that?

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!

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I wouldn't worry about bacteria on your wooden counter tops, wood has amazing anti bacterial properties of it's own.
that said...I wouldn't prepare raw chicken directly on the counter, no matter what the studies show....but I would use another board that could be bleached for raw meat.
But soap and water should be just fine for you counter tops...
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: wood anti bacterial

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Thanks, Linda!

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I would use a 20% solution of vinegar and water for sanitizing. Have you tried waterlox (Tung oil) instead of mineral oil? It will provide a much better finish over the long term.

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Tom999, you are not supposed to cut food directly on Waterlox - it has sealers as well as the Tung Oil. When you cut food on it, it cuts through the seal. The beeswax/mineral oil is a better choice to cut on.

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