Same Bathroom Fan Keeps Dying

mclemensApril 19, 2011

A friend is on his third fan in the same bathroom. Nothing else in the entire house seems to be failing at any abnormal pace. The lights in the house never flicker (like some kind of loose connection might cause.)

The first fans were Nutone so he suspected it might be just the cheap brand failing. The last was a Panasonic whisper fan that failed after just a couple years.

The light still works, the fan just doesn't run any more.

Is there anything to suspect first with failing motors on a single branch?


Mike in Alaska

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Your friend should check where the exhaust from the fan is going. If it is blocked, the motor will quickly overheat and its lifetime will be drastically reduced.

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Thanks for the advice normel


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If it handling very moist air, the bearings may be failing. So, what was the mode of faliure? Burned out winding; jammed bearings - motor can't rotate; impeller jammed in its scroll cage from debris.

Knowing the mode of failure will generate better advice. Without this information, everyone is guessing.

If you are in the cold region of Alaska and the fan is on an outside wall, it could be jammed by frozen moisture.

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