Need wood filler that will hold screws

linnea56July 7, 2011

I need to fill holes that have become too loose for their screws. Wood (actually pressed wood) is very shallow so just selecting wider screws will not work: wider becomes longer, and will stick out on the other side. I already have the widest short screws I can find, and they can't easily be trimmed off on the other side due to projecting parts.

I know most wood fillers are cosmetic and not meant to hold screws. I have some of that mixable water putty but have found it very difficult to use on a different project. Couldn't get it to stay in the hole, and then when dry, tightening the screw just pulled it all out again.

Cross post to Home Repair. I don't normally post in two places, but I will need this unit fixed by Friday.


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Forget the putty.

Dribble in some thin viscosity super glue. This will wick into the fibers and strengthen them. Then add in some sections of match sticks or toothpicks and add another drop of glue. Let that set up a minute, then re-insert your screws.

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