Sofa table lamps & end table lamps

OakleyAugust 6, 2012

Does anyone have lamps on both the sofa table and end tables next to the sofa? If so, would you share a picture?

I'm at a loss. I have two end tables flanking the sofa, both have large reading lamps on them. There's plenty of light to read but the sofa table seems like a black hole not having a lamp on it because the sofa floats and there's a large dark area behind it.

When I did put a lamp on the sofa table, it didn't look right having three lamps in a row, and our sofa is long, too.

I'm wondering if I had a bunch of pretty junk on top of the sofa table with a lamp in the middle, would it look better and not look out of place?

I'd take a picture but that means I'd have to clean first. :)

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I don't have pics (or a sofa table) but from your description, I think it sounds like a perfect place for something lighted but not a real lamp. I'm linking something like what I am thinking of, but there are lots of other styles available lots of places. It would brighten your spot and not be too many lamps in a row.

Here is a link that might be useful: Specialty lamps

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Could you move the two end table lamps to the sofa table and leave the end tables without lamps? I think having three or four lamps in a row won't look quite right.

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Whoa, that's expensive! lol. But it's a nice idea too. Fun, I think the lamps would be too big on the sofa table. Because of the shades there would only be a foot or so between them. Even though they are 3-way, I don't think they'd give me the light I need while reading.

I'm liking the specialty lamp idea. Something that doesn't look like a traditional lamp but still gives off light.

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Do you need lamps on both?

I would do one or the other, but not both...
on second thought, I would not!
Do you even need the end tables, if you have sofa tables?

In our family room, the sectional has two sofa tables behind it. Each has a lamp, and each has plenty of room for drinks, etc.

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I'm wondering about height and breadth. If the center lamp was much higher than the end table lamps, or much wider, would that trump the feeling of all-in-a-row sameness?

Or maybe, like olychick suggests, a an old-fashioned hurricane lamp, particularly if the end table lamps have silk shades.

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Annie Deighnaugh

somehow 4 just sound like too many.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Maybe not a light but something taller for the space...a vase, sculpture, grouping of candles...or I'd end up doing everlasting flower arrangement...

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Annie Deighnaugh

We put really tall lamps...DH made them from tank shells he picked up when he was in the army...on our sofa "table"...they cast fine light for reading, and since we only have room for narrow bookshelves on either side, leave space for drinks and such. As tall as they are, they help act as a room divider between the FR and the kitchen. The plant in this case is real.

I have since gotten boxes to hide the interminable stack of newspapers and magazines in that bookcase...looks so much better.

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Those are AWESOME!

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Annie, your room is very similar to mine, except we have the TV to the left of the corner FP, which is also rock.

End tables w/lamps are a must. There are chairs on each side of the end tables so the lamp will need to be shared if someone is sitting in one of the chairs.

I definitely wouldn't do two lamps on the S. table, that would be overkill because of the other two.

If anyone else has pictures, please share!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I went to houzz and pulled up some pics of sofa tables without lamps. Key seems to be putting stuff on the table that provides height....

Traditional Family Room design by Other Metros Interior Designer jill Shevlin - Intrinsic Designs

Eclectic Family Room design by Los Angeles Interior Designer Elizabeth Gordon

Contemporary Living Room design by Other Metros Architect Marcelo Brito Design

Here is one where they did both.....lamps are very different in style and scale and the tables are very different heights.

Traditional Kitchen design by Philadelphia Design-build Echelon Custom Homes

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