Overlay on replacement cabinet doors

pbishopJuly 7, 2012

Hi everyone

I am replacing the doors on framed kitchen cabinets and I am trying to achieve a frameless look. Most of the Euro hinges I have seen for framed cabs max out at 1&1/4 inch.

Does the overlay have to be the same on all 4 sides of the cabinet? If I make the height and the side opposite the hinge greater than 1&1/4 inch am I going to have problems.

If anyone has experience with a good euro hinge with a greater overlay than 1&1/4 inch please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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I do not see the height being an issue since the installation depends on hinge placement rather than an adjustment.

I am not sure how you are installing hinges on a 3/4 face frame with a Euro hinge. But since adjustments need to be made for pulling in and letting out to make vertical installation straight, there may be a problem there.
Of course you realize that the Euro hinge was meant to install on a side end panel, and not leave that much reveal on those 3/4" sides.

It is hard to know if all your door openings and face frames are plumb and level to begin with.

Have you checked all your options for a face frame hinge you could adapt to this? Or remove the face frames and remake door and frames to be less width? Just throwing options out there. I used to manage a kitchen department for a custom cabinet shop, so I am limited in that I have not actually built cabinets myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hinge choices option

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Why don't you check out Barker Doors.com. They have great instructions on how to measure for all the different overlays, and including inset.

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Thanks for posting that, I am looking forward to reading all that is on that site!

I wish you all the luck in finding your solution!

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