Anderson 100s dark bronze - pictures anyone?

soesoe75October 12, 2010

Does anyone have Anderson 100 series windows in dark bronze? We are supposed to be installing this window in our new construciton. The color was described as being almost black however the sample I was just given is quite brown - it's less dark than the bronze other companies make.

I'm nervous the windows are going to look 70s brown. Our home is supposed to be contemporary and I wanted black or almost black window frames.

Has anyone used this new color yet, pictures would be great!

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While I am not that familiar with the Andersen Bronze color, I am familiar with the fact that colors especially dark colors generally do not show up very true in a picture. I would get ahold of the company your buying them thru and have them get you at the very least a corner sample. Further more I would be very surprised if they did not at least have a corner sample in their showroom.

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if you buy that product..make sure they give you alot of touch up paint...I had seen many of these windows and there so called "fibrex" materials, limited sizes and colors...from the inside these windows look very poor as far as detail and design compared to others out there...Anderson customer support has been a nightmare for me time after time..

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lcsanjose, I compared this window to the Marvin Ultrex and found it's apprearance to be comprable inside and out. They look much nicer than the vinyl products I considered. I'm really just looking for information on the actual dark bronze color (it's new).

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