switches x 4 is confusing. Options?

measure_twiceApril 4, 2012

I have not installed this yet. I am looking for suggestions.

Do people get used to 4 switches in a long j-box? It seems confusing at first glance.

OTOH, it is simpler to wire than the options.

Put 2-switch j-box above and 2-switch below?

2 switches on one stud and 2 on the stud 16" away?

We have a location for 4 switches just as you come in the front door.

1. Living room interior light (3-way switch)

2. front porch light

3. garage carriage lights

4. garage/side security lights (motion sensitive)

I do not want to combine the garage carriage lights and security lights because the security sensors are funky in cold weather.

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You need to be aware that the choice of switch plates for a 4-switch row is not as wide as for double switches.

If you can find a plate 4-wide that you like, it is not all that uncommon.

Putting in a pair of doubles looks a little less 'finished,'
but if you put them far enough apart vertically to for switch plate clearance it may look acceptable, especially if you want a plate style not available in 4-switch configuration.

You could also put the switched on opposite sides of the door as a 2-2 or 3-1 (your choice of odd man out).

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OK, I will stack them, the most-used switch pair on top. That will be less confusing for the user and give more plate options.

They will have to be on the same side of the door because of a window adjacent to the door.

Thank you.

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Ron Natalie

4 position plates are not that hard (I've got several of those in the house). I have one five position box in my kitchen in the other house and finding replacement switch plates (even plain white) is always a special order.

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"4 position plates are not that hard (I've got several of those in the house)."

Four gang switch plates come in far fewer styles then singles and double.

Even triple are not available in many styles.

If you are wiling to use ANY style it is not a problem, if you have a particular style you want to use to match others it can be a PITA to find larger plates.

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