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klingerOctober 20, 2008

I finally managed to do a project. I was so busy with moving and renovating this year I thought I'd never get back to some creating. Janie-bo found me this great wrought iron sign holder where she worked and put it aside for me. I'm so blessed having a personal shopper. I used a cement board for the base and reflective numbers cause there are no street lights where I live and I needed to be able to find my way home easier, lol. Tried to use some shiny tiles and did a design on both sides of the sign. It's not a fancy mosaic but I sure enjoyed doing a project again.


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It's sure fun to see you back and creating. It seems everyone's been rather quiet recently. I have really found myself drawn to back and white check lately, and finally realized it when I saw Flag's coffee rest and now your house sign. I'll have to do something about that. The sign holder is awesome and I love all the color. (And wish I had a personal shopper!)

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Klinger, Welcome back. LOVE that sign holder so cool and your mosaic is PERFECT. I , too, love those black and white checks. And the colorful baubles, just great with the sign.
So, you used cement board?/ And did you mosaic both sides or just one.?

Now you can find your way home and smile as you pull up your drive!! Cool cool and glad you're creating again.. Can't wait to see what you do next

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Soooooooooo glad to see you back, girlie, and w/such a colorful and PERFECT sign. That inspires me to make one. Let's see now - in your posting to my grotto, you told me not to put down my work. Uh huh!!! Follow your own advise. It's BEAUTIFUL.

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So glad to see you back!! I love the sign and tell Jane that's a great sign holder!!

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Klinger I like you sign. Very colorful and just right for the purpose. May I ask did you seal the cement board edges or cover with grout?

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Yes every one said it so good .It is so neat looking ! I l0ve the colors also .

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Glad you liked my little project. I didn't seal the cement board. I did smoosh grout all over the edges though, and sealed them. It is mosaiced on both sides. Larger numbers face the side of the road I come home on most and smaller numbers for the other side.The designs are similiar but different on each side.

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The wrought iron compliments the mosaic sign so nicely, glad you pointed out there are 2 different designs as I thought you had just put the same on both sides. Lot more work planning out 2nd side. Great job!! I lurked a couple of yrs & signed up this summer, wondered what happened to you!!Welcome back!! YOu have to get busy now as there are newbies to awe & inspire!!! Thanks! Jan

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This is great ! I love the mix of tiles and globs, they look great together.
Now, no one will miss your house !
( funny, I just ordered some B&W tiles too!)

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Had to come back for more lookies. It's so happy and bright and just plain wonderful.

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Oh Klinger!!! I totally forgot you were making this!!! WOW!!I love both sides!!! I'm so excited to see it this person!!! I'm also going to see her entryway she designed too!! Maybe it'll inspire me to get a project or two done!!! Christmas is coming and I usually make gifts...

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I really love this! Really, Really, love this!
My old mosaiac numbers on my house are so close to my house color they always have the pizza guy looking for me!
I hope you don't mind if I try to kind of copy this piece!?

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Cindy.. I do love this. So neat and love the colors and the checkerboard. They are fun aren't they. Great to hear you back here, you were missed.

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Bravo! Wonderful address sign! The wrought iron holder is awesome, but your design and colors (and globs, oh my!) really make the the sign!

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OH MAN!!! The pics don't do it justice!!! AND her entry way/foyer is AWESOME TOO!!! She did a ...well, maybe you can get her to post some pics!!heh heh!!!

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Hey Cindy, that is so whimsical! very cool!!!!!

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