window problems and high altitude

ptrsOctober 11, 2010

About 10 years ago we had 2 large Marvin picture windows installed. We chose their brown aluminum clad exterior with low e glass. Two years later we purchased a french door and 4 more windows. The picture windows are on the northwest side of our house. We live at 6800' in Colorado. Every afternoon when the sun goes down these windows pop loudly like a gunshot. We have called Marvin many times. They always tell us they have never heard of this before. The hardware on the casement windows has had to be replaced 3 times. When it starts to rain, my husband has to go outside to put the roller inside the track while I crank the handle on the inside. Thank goodness these windows are accessible from our deck! They send us the parts but we have to install them or have someone do it.The cranks on the casement windows do not turn easily. It is extremely hard to get them to close. We have had to go outside and push them to get them to close completely.Also the locking mechanism has broken on 2 of the 3 operating windows! We are now needing to replace more windows on our house and after spending $20,000. for these windows (with labor and new headers for all windows except the french door) I will not even consider Marvin but I am stuck with their brown color that not many companies have. Pella has an auburn brown that is very close and Jeldwen has a chocolate brown that is close. I want a good window but I am not sure which company has the best product. I have had 2 bids from Pella. One from the actual Pella store and one from Lowe's. Because of our altitude, Lowe's says they cannot order a window that has argon gas but the Pella store says they can. Of course the Pella store is 33% higher in price. Now I am thinking of just going with the Jeldwen from Home Depot but they will not be responsible for installation. Anyone have a suggestion?

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I would stay on top of your local Marvin dealer and push for a factory rep. For your new replacement windows you state you want a quality window then mention Jeldwen and Pella. If you search on this site you will find neither brand confused with quality and from my perspective buying windows from HD is a loser before you start.

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Did you windows come with breather tubes? Marvin's current warranty states windows are excluded from their warranty if they have "glass installed more than 5000 feet above sea level without capillary tubes."

I live at 6700 feet and looked at Marvin windows that would qualify for the $1500 tax credit (SHGC & U-Factor I went with Milgard who didn't push argon and whose windows qualified for the tax credit without argon.

Maybe check that you have breather tubes?

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Please stay away from Pella windows. Pella does not stand behind their products. You can read online about all of the other people who have had problems with Pella. There are several class action law suites going on with Pella. Our family has been homeless for over a year because of the purchase we made with Pella. We purchased 49 windows, installed tham and now are watching them leak water. We have a youtube video for you to watch. We posted a web site for you to view. The web site address is listed on our youtube video. On youtube just search for Pella window problems and you can view several of your fellow Americans who find lives in a mess due to our Pella purchases. We urge you not to make the same mistake we have made. Your family deserves better.

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