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Mommy4LifeAugust 23, 2012

I had posted this picture in another post but now I'm wondering if you could give me some assistance on picking out a rug. I would love to change all of the carpet in our house to hardwood but that's just not in our budget at this time. So, I thought maybe an area rug under the table (and it would be large enough to go slightly under the loveseat and couch) would help to also lighten up the room a little more. Suggestions? http://www.owsphinx.com/catalog.php?view=color%3Dblue%26style%3Dcasual&page=1

I would like it to go along with this pillow (pulling in some of the colors from this pattern for pillows)http://www.etsy.com/listing/96798318/brown-aqua-red-suzani-decorative-pillow

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The room reads quite dark in your photo. Is it that dark in real life throughout the day?

Are you open to other suggestions regarding the space or only want rug suggestions?

I would opt for a rug that is as light as your cream-looking throw blanket..... if the room is truly that dark.

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I am looking for a whole room change (except not changing the larger pieces due to budget constraints) :) I wanted to start somewhere so thought I liked the suzani print of that pillow and thought I would tie in an aqua/blue color in with the rug. The panels are also going to be changed out as well.

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Are those room darkening shades? I prefer to use opaque honeycomb shades. They block the heat from the sun, but still alllow light to come through. I would rather have my furniture fade than live in a dark space.

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well, I took an annie sloan chalk paint class today so I want to paint that dark wood coffee table with primer red as the first coat and them duck egg blue as the top, then some waxing and distressing and a rug with some color and you may not need to change much

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They are room darkening. They are only closed at night. I just closed them for the pic. That is a large window and let's in a lot of light during the day so I always keep them open.

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And here is a rug... the colors are hard to see on my monitor.

Here is a link that might be useful: PB Suzani Rug

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