Salvaged Windows and Energy Efficiency

midwestmamaOctober 25, 2009

We are preparing to do a new build. I would like to add a few salvaged windows. Mostly we plan on using new, but I want to put a stained glass window over the soaking tub and a gothic style or similar in the front of the house (kids' bathroom) My husband is very concerned about these being as efficient as just a hole in the wall. Is there some technique used to seal these up so they don't ooze cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer?

We haven't purchased the windows yet, is there anything I should be looking for that make them better or worse?

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Put another glass panel on the outside of the decorative window.

Add gasketing and seal it well against infiltration.

Stained glass for this use should also be puttied.

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I talked with our builder today about this. First off, he said "We can and will do whatever YOU want" but then went on to say the installation is more complex, they have to have a different installer come out and fit them in (looking at an unusual shape, no rectangle etc...) which can get expensive quickly... Hmmmmmm, I'm trying to find some examples of new old looking decorative windows, no luck yet.

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Another option to consider would be to use a "regular" window in the house envelope, then just hang the decorative piece inside.

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