Year old, bare wood Adirondack chair...

minflickJuly 5, 2012

I didn't have the time to paint it when I put it together last summer. It's aged some (it went under cover during the winter rain, but still), and has some dark streaks on it. It's on a hot front porch, and it gets good and backed every day, so if it had mold on it (quite possible) it doesn't have an active case now. I want to put primer on and then paint it, but was told to clean it first. No idea what the wood is, it was a kit from Ace Hardware. How do I clean it, what product to use?

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Whenever I've had to clean something before I painted it, I just wash with a little soapy (a little bit of tide goes a long way) water & make sure it's bone dry before painting.

No ill effects yet but I'm not old either.

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Ah, OK. Basic soap and water, not some fancy dancy magic mildew remover type stuff. Soap and water I CAN DO!

Thank you! I'll make use of this heat wave and get started...

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