Taurus 3 Ring Saw - celebration!

jenelOctober 13, 2010

My husband surprised me last night by ordering a Taurus 3 ring saw online. Woo hoo!!!! I'm so excited! In my current outdoor shower WIP, I'd been planning to make a butterfly entirely out of beads, but I keep laying out beads without coming up with something attractive. Now that I can make intricate shapes, I think I'll do the butterfly out of glass and beads. So fun!

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Oh I am SO excited for you. I have a Taurus 3 ring saw and I love it. I am making a new post about beads that you might like.

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Okay....what's a Taurus 3 ring saw for? (newbie alert) And congrats, because even though I don't know what it is, I take it it's cool!

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Jenel, okay if I answer? Loribee2, it's a table saw that works with water like a tile saw and it cuts stained glass like butter and even cuts through plates. I love mine. Y'all will get a kick out of these pictures I took yesterday. The first picture is of a glass-on-glass mosaic I did, it's propped in a window overlooking the back porch. The second picture is of the same mosaic with the Taurus 3 ring saw showing through it since the saw is sitting outside the window on a table on the porch. That's where the red glow comes from in the second photo. That's what I do when I am procrastinating ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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OHMYGOODNESS!!! SILVA - put a red light behind this beautiful mosaic. I absolutely couldn't quit looking at it. Too tired to spend much more time, though - spent all day on the road junkin' for my student who doesn't have time to shop - works six days a/week. She is looking for dishes w/roses to mosaic a long sofa table I gave her. She saw the table w/roses in my Kaffee Fasset book, and has to make it. It'll be a long process collecting the dishes - scarce in these parts.

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Scarce here too! You're right; it'll be a long process collecting the dishes.

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I'm with SLOWMEDOWN, that's an absolutely beautiful glass mosaic. I want it!! And with digital photography being another hobby of mine, I especially admired your photoshopped version. I would never have thought to photoshop a picture of an art object I made. I definitely have to start thinking outside the box!

So beautiful!

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loribee2, I hope this link works. Try and see if you can view some pictures of my latest mosaic guitars that I have Photoshopped for a logo I'm designing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's logos

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Jenel, did you get it yet? Tell us all about it.

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Silva, your candles are *gorgeous*!!!

No, the ring saw hasn't arrived yet. It's due to be delivered on Tuesday. I normally don't work on my mosaic until the weekend, but I might not be able to resist. Yesterday, I spent a few hours cutting 3/4-inch squares out of various shades of blue. They will make up the sky on the outdoor shower WIP. Today, I'm going to come up with a plan for the butterfly that will be in the sky, which I will cut using my new Taurus 3.

Loribee, one of the things I'm most excited about is that the Taurus 3 is supposed to grind as it cuts, leaving a smooth edge. That means I'll be able to cut the pieces and glue them pretty much immediately.

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It's true; the edges of glass cut with the Taurus 3 are not sharp like they are when we nip the glass. It is great. The only thing about the saw is that the blades are expensive. So I tend to not use it for everything; only for shapes that need to be cut perfectly, such as numbers and letters.

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Congrats on your new toy, oh, you are gonna have some fun now!!! They have made a new saw that is TOTALLY over the top now...

Here is a link that might be useful: Revolution XT

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