Where do I find this . . .

katy_bugJuly 14, 2007

I need something and I can not find it anywhere around town or on the internet. Very simple, I need 2 of the following:

19" diameter circle wood with rounded edge

4" diameter hole cut out directly in the center

1/2" in thickness

Will be painted so can be made of lower quality wood

I would do it myself, but I don't have the tools. Does anyone know where I could find something like this or could do it for me (depending on price)?

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Not to be obvious, but you just need to find someone who does have the tools. Your description doesn't sound like any mass-produced item, so it'll be custom. Ask a local woodshop.

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If you want it done cheaply, I would ask a local woodshop teacher at a high school. Mayeb you could pay a kid a few $$ to get it done.

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You can buy them pre-made out of plastic or MDF at an electrical supply store. They're a standard item for dressing around ceiling fixtures or fans.

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