aluminum sill pans?

dgmarieOctober 7, 2010

I'm having replacement windows put in (Marvin Ultimate Clad casements). The installer is making aluminum sill pans onsite. They are installed in the RO with upturned sides. The window is set directly on top of the sill pan. The back edge is up turned (to prevent water from potentially running back towards the inside of the house). We are in a cold climate (Chicago) and now am wondering mid install if the aluminum is going to cause problems with condensation. The back lip of the pan touches the botton of the interior wood of the window (it will be covered by the interior window trim). I googled lots tonight and see many articles about people making metal sill pans on site, but nothing addressing if this could make me regret this approach.

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From my experience I do not think you will have any issues, as you said you googled this and your correct metal sill pans have been made and used for years and if not for the "green" aspect and EPA/DEC rules, aluminum, lead coated copper and such metal materials would still be used for this year and many more to come.

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Millworkman, this morning it was very cold, low 40s and the pan was cold to the touch under the window. In the dead of winter here, won't this thing ice up and conduct like a heat sink? Here's a photo. I have a call to Marvin (not open yet) and the installer.

This is a replacement window in brick vineer. The metal pan extends up the sides of the jam and out on to the limestone sill with an opening to let any water that may accumulate drain to the exterior.

This is inside, and what will be behind the trim.

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Ok I heard from Marvin, the installer and the head carpenter and they have all assured me that there is no problem, the window isn't sitting flush in the pan, the metal isn't going to condense once protected and covered by the trim. I will be happy when this is done.

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I think most folks would be absolutely delighted that the crew was installing proper sill pans...

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I don't have an issue with them installing the pans. I had an issue with how they were being installed.

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I should add they also installed aluminum header pans (or whatever you call them) above the windows. Finally no more worries about leaks!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

They are called drip caps.

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I have the same situation. My windows have JUST been installed today. Sill pan is metal (don't know what kind) and it is about 5 degrees C outside and it is a bit humid inside due to drywall mudding and whatnot. The condensation is pouring off of the exposed 1/2" of the sill pan rear dam.

Is this going to be an issue or will it get better after the outside of the windows are trimmed out and the inside has a wooden sill attached?

Is there a step coming up that will resolve this or should I ask the contractor to use a material that doesn't conduct heat as much?

A quick response is GREATLY appreciated since he'll be putting the wooden trim and wooden sills on tomorrow.

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no problem at all. aluminum sill pans are very effective and have been used for years. the window usually sits on a shim and not directly on the aluminum anyway. we also insulated the sill with foam insulation.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Is the window air sealed with foam?

Can you post up a picture from inside and outside?

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Here's a pic of the sill pan the contractor installed. This is the inside portion. It is peel-n-stick'ed to the inside of the window frame and you can see it sitting on the vapor barrier of the window sill there. This is in a basement so the window sill is actually very thick. The window is currently just tacked in place and is not sealed completely yet. Will the window sealing help this at all?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Picture of the outside would help.

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One of the few places I can think of teat plastic would actually be useful.

The problem is it cannot be easily bent on site.

you would need thin plastic sheet that could be heated and bent as needed.

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