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aufinJuly 12, 2013

I have some serving trays that need rebuilding and also need to replace some of the decorative reinforcement pieces, but can't find what I am looking for. Attached is a photo of what I am looking for. Dont need to replace like item, only something to do the same function since a few of them are broken. Any suggestions as to a source?

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Try the link included.

Here is a link that might be useful: furniture hardware

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Those would be very easy to make with some sheet brass and a jewelers saw. The chased ornamentation would be a little harder without the chasing tools.

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Thanks guys. The "Restorer" site is way too proud of their stuff for me to buy 16 pcs. Plus, cast or wrought iron isn't what I want. As to making what I need, that isn't a problem, I just don't have the "want to" right now. Maybe in the future I'll come up with a simple design that I can do that won't require so much time since I will need 16 pieces to do the trays I have. I'll keep on keeping on with my quest and in the meantime, maybe someone will come up with a source. Thanks again.

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What might work is "campaign furniture" hardware. It's a lot plainer.

Small "trunk corners" might work - reinforce sides and cover the corner at the same time. You can get them for biiefcases, smallere than trunk size

"Case clamps" (small right angle strips) might also work.


And these from Home Depot:

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