Moving thermostat and GFI Plug

marchellaApril 18, 2010

I am going to enlarge my bathroom and move one of the walls. The wall I'm going to move into the hall about 2ft. has a thermastat on the hall side and on the bathroom side a GFI plug and a timer for the ceiling fan. When the wall is moved I want to put a hanging sliding door (not pocket) on the bath room. Question:one contractor said the wiring would be too short when I move that wall. My circut breaker box is two floors down and on the opposite side of the house. Will wires have to be run from there up thru the wall again. When the door is hung, I will put this thermostat outside the bathroom about 18inches. from where it was. The GFI and the timer will go on the new wall in the bathroom.There is a heater in the bathroom with a manual knob and it will not be moved, just replace for a new one.

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Do the feed wires come from below? If they do, and you're relocating the wall, you certainly will have to relocate the wires from below. Drop a new wire down to a good location and make splices in a permanently accessible box. This "good location" ideally would be an unfinished basement, if there is one. This project could be challenging, depending on the construction of your house, the access below, fire stops, etc. It could also be as easy as putting permanently accessible junction boxes in the new wall, if there is enough wire to at least get to the new wall. Keep the T-stat wiring separate.

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