Milgard SunCoatMax (tint?) too dark? VLT? Triple glaze?

desertwestOctober 1, 2010

Has anyone installed a window with a "tint" like Milgard's SunCoatMax? I'm concerned it's too dark. I like bright, natural light, but this coating is supposed to help reduce fading (though I've lived here 8 years and haven't noticed the wood floor, paint, or furniture fading). The windows don't qualify for the tax credit if I don't get SunCoatMax, so it evens out.

It doesn't cost much extra. One 42x46 picture window costs $420. SunCoatMax adds $38. Triple glaze costs $33. He said triple glaze means triple pane, which I thought would be 100s of dollars more, but it's cheap. Does that price $33 sound right for a 3rd pane?

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Compare the VT ratings on the two glass pack options and that will tell you which unit provides more natural light.

In this case the SunCoat Max (Low-e 366) will give you more light as compared to triple pane. It will not be as thermally efficient but if light is your concern, the SunCoat Max option is the better of the two.

Triple glazed does mean triple pane.

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The Milgard rep gave me 3 window samples to bring home, one no tint, one with their "plain" SunCoat glaze, and the SunCoatMax. The "plain" SunCoat is quite dark. SunCoatMax seems a bit more yellow.... but not too dark.

So a 3rd pane of clear glass will reduce the light (VLT) more than SunCoatMax?

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