Butterfly Stake

becky_iaOctober 9, 2009

Hi all,

I must tell you about the butterfly stake. I wish I had thought of it, but I didn't. I was at a Fall Festival Fundraiser a couple of weeks ago.

Rented a spot and set out my wares; this was a fundraiser for an Arboretum and a family fun day. They had tons and tons of free stuff for families to do which was wonderful....but walking through rows of marketers was not what kids wanted to do and sales were very poor.

But anyway, they had a scarecrow auction. There were 80 scarecrows displayed all through the various gardens and you could bid on them. When I was walking through the gardens, I spotted this butterfly stake. IT WAS MAGNIFICANT!

It looks like a 4x4 post painted and bedeckled with jewels and glass pieces with an added porch post top for the head. On the back, is this curved piece, maybe a hula-hoop and cut it in 1/2 and added each 1/2 to the back for the wings. (or pvc pipe-but donÂt know how they curved it)

Brightly colored pink flowered flowing material was added for wings. This was in the middle of a pink & white cosmos flower bed. So incredibly striking, I HAD to take a picture. I hope to make something like this for my yard. I would like to post her right at the top of my stream next to my gazebo as a focal point to the butterfly garden. Very fitting I think. But I will mosaic the entire post with colored mirror tile. I canÂt wait to get started.


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Wow that is beautiful. Oh the possibilities . . .

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Oh that is a fun piece!

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I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.


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Very neat idea!!! It almost looks like a butterfly kite my grandaughter has!!! It's made out if something like parachute material, or similar anyway, it's very light and flowy....

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