Odd old outlets - has anyone seen these?

weed30April 18, 2011

My house was built in 1950. I am painting, and the outlets have been painted over a LOT. I finally got one off the wall, and it is very odd. Look at the first 5 photos in the link below (you can click to enlarge them).

I have never seen an outlet where the part where you stick the plug in comes off of the stuff inside. Or maybe I don't know anything :) Anyway, should this be easy for an electrician to replace?

ALSO: Are there larger than standard outlet covers available? I don't want to mess with the edges where I cut around the wall plate - they stick up from all the layers of paint, but some is probably lead, so I can't sand it.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1950 outlet

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Your receptacles are broken. If I was king, painting over receptacles would be a capital offense. I think smaller plates look neater. But most of the big box stores carry Midi plates. Mobile home supply stores often have jumbo plates. I prefer to sand away the buildup as part of the preparation for new paint.

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Yep it's a standard non grounded outlet that is broken!

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Just as I suspected...I don't know anything :)

Thanks for the answers!

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