Return unused untinted paint?

gsciencechickAugust 3, 2012

I am finishing up the guest room, and I only used just under one gallon of paint for two coats. I have a little left over for touchups. I really love the SW Celery! Pics soon.

I have another whole gallon that is untinted bought during the SW 40% sale. I can keep it for the next time I paint, or return it. Realistically, the earliest I would likely paint any other room would be Christmas or even all the way to maybe spring break or next summer. My fall and Thanksgiving breaks aren't much of a break.


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i'd keep it and have it tinted when you are ready. Once tinted and shaken it will be good to go and you will have the savings ! A win/win. c

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Just keep the tin closed and store it for when you are ready to paint again, it will be fine.

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Thanks, ladies. Maybe if I keep it, I'll be motivated to paint over Christmas, LOL.

Trailerunner, forgot to thank you for the blanket. It's ready to go.

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