Renewal by Andersen Windows

Happydeer1September 23, 2011

I just replaced 16 Andersen the summer ..was fine. Until last 2 weeks, with changing weather in Michigan, from warm day to cool night plus 60% humidity. My EXTERIOR window just built up with moisture on the outside a point you can't see ...I have never had any problems with this issue before ..even with my old windows which I still have some on my house, they don't have this issue.. Does any body know what's wrong with the windows? Help!! Thank you in advance.

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If it's on the exterior surface of the glass, then there's nothing wrong. I'm guessing the windows you are refering to are on the east facing side of your house and this is occuring in the morning? If so, whats happening is the glass is doing it's job and preventing heat from transfering from inside your house to the exterior. This causes the exterior surface of the glass to be much cooler than it used to be. When the sun hits the glass in the early morning, it begins to quickly warm up. This causes the air around the window to release it's moisture and the result is temporary condensation on the glass. If this is what's happening, then there's nothing to worry about and in a few weeks it will stop doing this as the weather becomes cooler. However it will do it again next Spring for the same reason. It is actually an indication that your windows are performing as the should be.

Now, if it's moisture between the 2 panes of glass.......then that's another issue and you got some real problems.

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Windows on Washington


Windows are working just as intended in this case.

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