foil/saran wrap dispenser

oldcraftyJuly 27, 2010

new to this site.....postewd on the furniture side and realized I probably should have posted here! Would like to build a cabinet to house commercial size foil and saran wrap. I want to use cabinet doors from my mom kitchen(we tore her house down and I salvaged just the doors) and would like to mosaic the top. I have just enough room bedise my stove to set this cabinet, as I have the world's smallest kitchen and every inch is valuable. Therefore it won't be any taller than my stove. Kinda need helpful hints or better yet a pic if anyone has done one so I can get an idea as how to dispense it, can't decide if cutting edgae(a saw blade) would be better installed to the top of the roll or lower to the bottom of the roll. Trying to not cut fingers when I reach in to get the loose edge. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated>

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I prefer the edge on top. It'a a more natural way to pull. How thick is the face of the cabinet going to be? Any pics of the door and a sketch of our idea?

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