Vytex windows

patricia_mSeptember 24, 2008

Has anyone had experience with Vytex windows? They are a local Md. firm, and I was impressed with their product, but I had never heard anything about them.

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While Vytex makes a decent product, the manuf. has a long history of poor Customer Service and at times downright hostility towards honoring warranty service. Their latest little trick is to charge an $80. per window delivery charge if one of their windows fails under warranty. I'd avoid them. There are better windows for the same money that actually honor their warranty without all the hoops and attitude.

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Thanks for the feedback, I was also considering the Milgard Tuscany window, a nice product and great warranty. They supposedly have great customer service, but I'm not sure if that holds true for the east coast division. Heard anything about them?

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I haven't had any experience with Milgard for about 6 years. At that time they had just opened their Fredricksburg, VA. factory. We carried them for about 9 months and had lots of problems with orders being shipped incorrectly, delayed shipments and some quality issues, which they were pretty good at taking care of. Apparently, it got so bad they eventually closed production in Fredricksburg and now only use it as a storage depot.

I can't tell you if they have gotten better since then because we won't deal with them. They did have a snotty little field engineer at the time who liked to blame every problem on the installer and always recommended hard coat low e for the D.C. area. Go figure.

Just curious if you've taken a look at Simonton or Gorell? Both are available in your area and both have much better reputations. They should be in the same price range of Vytex and Milgard.

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I haven't looked at Simonton yet, or heard of Gorell. There are so many brands! I started off with Comfortline new generation fiberglass, till the price stopped me. I'm still shopping and learning. (especially about warranties, thank you)I am unfortunately particularly fussy about the color,(I'm an artist and tend to focus on appearance as well as quality) and just hate the bright white of some of the windows.
One other question- should I make sure there are warm edge spacers? Does it really matter?

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Warm edge spacers are more beneficial in colder and hotter climates. I'd ask how much the additional cost would be. If it's standard or available at a minimal cost, I'd probably get it.

I think you might like the color of the Gorell 5300 series windows. It's much less bright white than the majority of vinyl windows. Gorell also has a very good reputation and a very good warranty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gorell Windows

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Thanks again! You've been so helpful in sorting out all of this information.

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