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mjlbJuly 16, 2008

... posted at Remodeling, but no responses -- hoping for better luck here!

I have an older Deck House with exposed wooden ceilings (cedar, I think)... They look pale, rough, and dried out in spots, but I haven't been able to figure out what sort of maintenance should be done.

As a test, I rubbed in teak oil in a small area. It looks much smoother and better, but also quite a bit darker.

Also, if re-staining is the suggested maintenance, is it possible to get a lighter color, but still be able to see the wood grain?

Thanks so much!

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To me, what you are asking is a somewhat technical question. The only answer I would accept is one from someone that has successfully fixed your problem. You might consider posting this question on the forum at the Minwax website. I have never worked with Teak Oil before and if you are talking about getting a lighter color to the existing wood, then that would usually involve bleaching it out which sounds like a lot of trouble to me. If you are talking about a lighter color than what the Teak Oil provides, again not sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Minwax Forum

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fyi- minwax technical service would probably be able to help you out, ive called them serveral times for things i just needed to be explained to me and they definately know what they're talking about

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Thanks to you both -- I'll e-mail or give a call to minwax...

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