air compressor hose reel

chuckwagonJuly 19, 2008

How are you storing your air compressor hose? Ours is always on the floor in a heap. DH is wanting to get a reel for it. Does anyone else have one? Any suggestions as to types. I'm thinking there are ones like a water hose reel and there are ones that hang from the ceiling. What are pros and cons of both. DH tools are all in the garage so we can't go too fancy. Thanks for your ideas.

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Check Harbor Freight for inexpensive hose reels.
I have two of their hose reels, cheap ones with 25' of hose.

Works very nicely in garage, and basement shop.

Don't forget short hose to go from compressor to hose reel.

I think it is the best way to solve this problem.

Good Luck.


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My husband has his aur compressor in his workshop and has a short hose running thru a hole in the wall, with the air hose on a reel hanging on the outside of his shop. It makes it real easy if you need to blow up a pool float or put some air in a tire. Hope this helps. Joyce

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We have one from Harbor Freight like John mentions with a small hose to go from comptessor to reel. Works great!

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