240V wiring in shed with irrigation pumps

CdaddyApril 2, 2012

Hello All,

I am hoping to get some questions answered after doing some reading on your forum about 240V wiring. I have a shed that is about 250 ft from the house. I have torn the shed down in order to replace it. It has 2 hot leads (240V) that run irrigation pumps that are switched on and off up in the house next to the breaker box. There is also a 12/2 with ground run out for lights and outlets.

I have more power needs and wishes than what the 12/2 can provide so what I would like to do is, move the 240V irrigation on/off switch into the shed and use the 12/2 as the signal wire to control it. I would then power a sub panel with the (2 hots) 240V and put the on/off switch for the irrigation pumps after it. The only issue with this, is there is no neutral and no ground run out to the shed just 2 hots.(I'm thinking a sub panel needs a neutral) I could drive a ground rod to provide a ground path but I'm just not sure that will fly. Its way too far to run more wire to the shed from the house considering the whole area has irrigation too. Any ideas or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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You need 4 wires to feed the sub-panel in a separate building.

Two hots, one neutral, one ground.

You will also need a grounding electrode system for the building.
That usually ends up being two ground rods and the wire to connect them to the panel.

If you have conduit you can see if you can fit the new wires in.

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Thanks Brickeyee, No conduit, all the wire is direct buried. Looks like I will have to leave things as is until I can afford having a new path placed

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