Edgeband for Lazy Susans?

chedanemiJuly 21, 2014

I generally frequent the kitchen forum, but have a question for some woodworkers.

I had a friend cut me six round birch faced plywood circles for lazy susans in my new upper corner cabinets. They will be mounted to the shelves; not on a pole. I have the lazy susan hardware, but my question is, does anyone have a suggestion as to what to use for an edging on the board? Something that will stand above the board so things don't fly off as it is turned.

I have seen edgebands online that appear to be adhesive backed and ironed on. Is this something that would work, or does someone have a better idea?


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The iron-on banding is going to be too thin to be durable.

You can cut (or have cut) solid wood strips and glue them on the edges. A lot will depend upon the diameter of the disk, but I'm guessing they're about 12" or so. It's also important to use a wood with fairly straight grain lines. Grain runout will create weak spots.

I've made hundreds of Shaker oval boxes with bent-wood sides. For these, I soak the wood in hot water for 10-15 minutes before bending and work while hot. Hard maple would match the birch fine and bends well. When worked this way, you can bend while hot, clamp into a loop a bit smaller than your disk, then apply to your disks once cool and set.

If thin enough and diameter large enough, you can just cold bend (or laminate up two even thinner strips, glued together. I'd probably start with 1/16" (~0.062") thick wood

For a neater look, I'd taper the underside end, wrap over, then sand down the upper layer to make a scarf joint.

If you don't have a band clamp to hold while gluing, you can use tape such as masking or packing tape and work your way around the circumference.

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That's very helpful. Thanks for the information!

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Hard maple laminated like you could do.

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