Is a loose 240V outlet behind stove up to code?

lee676April 7, 2010

I often come across electric kitchen stoves plugged into a 240V receptacle that rather than being recessed into the wall like a normal outlet, is mounted in a electric box sitting on the floor, which is supplied by a two-foot-or-so run of BX cable that then disappears into the wall. The box and outlet can be moved freely around a few inches, although the cabinets to either side assure it sits on the floor behind the range. Is this safe, and is it up to (U.S.) code? I occasionally see same thing for clothes dryers too.


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The box should be fastened in place, and the cable fastened near the box.

The solid and large size stranded conductors used for these circuits are not designed to move around after installation.

Is it a horrible hazard?

Probably not since it is pretty well protected from incidental movement behind a stove or dryer.

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