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kimberlyrkbAugust 18, 2013

About 6 weeks ago we had new carpet installed. It's a long fiber yarn by Shaw, unfortunately, I can't remember the name. We had our living room and two staircases done. The installer installed the stairs and went to work on the living room. I got out the vacuum and headed for the stairs. The installer saw my Dyson and told me it wouldn't work on the carpet. I gave it a try, and yep, he was right.

I called the flooring store. My sales person was out for the day, but someone else told me that for these long fiber carpets, Dyson is much too strong and are impossible to use. No one told us this beforehand. The sales person I talked the day of installation said they "usually always" inform their customers about this, just in case it's a factor in their decision (my sales person never mentioned it), and then she emailed me a list of Shaw approved vacuums. While the vacs are all brand names, none of the specific models are available locally and none are much less than $200. (We finally found a $198 Electrolux at Costco that Shaw tells me will likely work.)

A few days after installation my salesperson emailed me to ask how things were going. I expressed my displeasure over the fact that we have a 6 month old Dyson we can't use, and I was not pleased that she didn't even bring up the fact that we should consider vacuums before making our selection. We would have chosen something else had we known about the Dyson issue. She never replied to this email so I decided to wait her out. We finally got a bill a few days ago, almost 6 weeks after installation, for the balance of our carpet. Included was a post-it note with an apology, and two $50 gift cards for our inconvenience. $100 only covers half of our new vacuum cost.

Shall I accept this offer and call it good? I am not happy with how this whole thing has been handled. I'm especially not happy that I had to go get a new vacuum and feel they should cover the whole cost. Or is that unreasonable? This is our third purchase there in the last three years and all told, we have probably spent $15k with them. Thanks for the advice.

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I would be miffed but would accept the offer and be done with it.

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Yes, I would accept and be done with it. Can you sell your dyson on Craigslist?

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caveat emptor. I think you're lucky they made the gesture.

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Is there anything that you can actually get with the two gift certificates?
Considering that you have spent 15K with this store over the past 3 years, I would tell them very politely that you are not happy with two 50.00 gift certificates since you don't intend to frequent their store again.

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What are the gift cards to?

Did you do your homework on the carpet beforehand? For instance, when we were interested in getting Berber carpeting for a basement room, I found that Berber runs easily. Have a dog that liked to scratch, chew, etc., I knew that Berber would not work for us.

Now, having said the above, I am guilty of not doing homework before buying a dining room area rug. lol We let the salesperson talk us into this rug on our first visit to the showroom. The rug is a Hand Knotted 100% Wool from India. We paid close to $3000 for it. Fast forward a few months...

I have bad eyesight, and because the rug is practically monotone, I did not notice this terrible flaw. Not until I was cleaning up a pet stain and noticed threads that were popping up as I scrubbed. I took a closer look at the rug and noticed loose threads all over the rug and it looks terrible! The rug and all other area rugs of my house are done with a central vac or regular vac using a floor setting because we have so much hardwood.

I read the back of the rug receipt (not something we were asked to sign) and YEP...right there on the back... it says not to use a vacuum with beater bars. OK, I did use one with beaters, but not on the beater setting, but the vacuums must be catching the threads anyway. The salesperson never said a word about this, and I think they should have. Do I have any recourse? I doubt it...especially since it has been a few months since we bought the rug. We feel like we wasted our money. Boo

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I think you should call dyson and ask them about this. There is probably a way to adjust it so it can be used.

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I also think you should just accept the gift cards and call it good. I don't know that they're obligated to tell you about the vaccuum, but it would have been much better customer service had they done so. I would not have thought about type of vacuum!

I guess it's like so many other things, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get all the answers. When we were considering putting in new flooring in the kitchen, we looked a laminate-I'd seen others put it in kitchens, but the salesperson told us it was bad to use in kitchens and bathrooms-so we went with vinyl instead. But if we'd had a different salesperson, we might have made an expensive mistake.

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Could this be a case of not complying with the full disclosure law? Knowing a certain vacumn was needed for this type of carpeting, and not divulging the information, could consider the sale as null and void if this applies. You might want to speak with the owners of the store, and if they can't give you satisfaction, may need to contact Shaw.

Years ago I had this happen with custom drapes. I was *told* they could be dry cleaned w/o shrinkage, and shrunk almost 4 inches~nothing was in writing. Having my dog lay up against them for almost 3 years, I decided to get them cleaned for Christmas. When I contacted the store, I talked to the owner, and w/o a fuss, she stood behind 'her word'. Being it was a very small town, I'm sure she was afraid the reputation of the shop might be damaged if she didn't stand behind It. No business owner wants an unhappy customer, especially in a small town. In retail, there's always a way to make up for lost dollars, but once a reputation is tarnished, it can't be fixed. Good luck!

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You may find a section that applies to your sale if you read thru sections that could apply.

Here is a link that might be useful: here

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No carpet manufacturer approves of using a Dyson with their carpet, and a lot of them specify it by name as to be prohibited. It really should be on Dyson to tell you that, as it's a vacuum issue and not really a carpet issue. I think the gift certificates were more than generous.

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Live_wire, could you post some links? I'm n the market for carpet and want to make sure to be an educated consumer. So far, a quick search hasn't yielded definitive answers, only which vacuum cleaners don't work despite being on a list of recommended ones.

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