Have you heard of a 'Dry' Glaze?

margieb2July 11, 2007

Has anyone heard of a glaze that is sprayed on, drys right away and then gets "dusted" off for lack of a better word? I was told by my cabinet maker that this form of glaze is more common now than the kind that stays wet longer and is wiped off. Should I be concerned?


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Guess it's not all that common? ;-)

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And that makes me just a little bit nervous!

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By "dusted" he might mean 'lightly sanded.' I don't know much about any sort of glaze work, but this seems plausible to me.

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I normally brush or wipe on glaze. This allows me to manipulate it to my liking. A year ago, a Mohawk salesman demonstrated an aerosol glaze for me. I was not too impressed with it, so I never followed up. (seemed like an answer for a question that no one asked.) I would not exactly have called it "dry" and it was meant for touch up work.

Maybe these things are local?

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Apparently Plain & Fancy uses this same glaze method. I believe it is wiped on and then brushed off as it drys rather quickly. Is it difficult or complicated to work with the traditional glaze?

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Glazing is not hard to do. I use both oil- and water-based, depending upon what finishes I'm using. Most have a good open time, so you can manipulate the finish to your liking and if you don't like it, wipe it off and start over, add another color, etc.

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