What Color Chair Pads?

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7August 10, 2014

I am having a hard time determining the color for the pads that will be custom made for the black chairs. (I have other chairs I can pull out when more are needed, btw)
Some notes about the room, the red wing chairs will eventually be replaced with something similar or reupholstered, not sure yet but probably replace in another red pattern. But that is down the road and I want pads right now which are easy enough compared to the wing chairs.

The rug is just ok but will keep awhile. When I get something else, it will be equally neutral, but bigger.

I am drawn to this red chenille, nazilli lipstick, it is very soft and lush, but maybe I should have a table topper made with it and go with a neutral pad.
I am very eclectic, like color, pattern, etc. Eventually the chairs in the living room will be replaced, not yet though.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I like that swatch. It looks as though it picks up your rug colors nicely and wouldn't show any drips or spills that might show on a solid cushion.

Your rooms are warm and welcoming! Very pretty.

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The red swatch is a winner. Nice room.

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No pads at all.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thank you cyn and rgps. And, I had forgotten why I usually choose patterns for nearly everything, the dirt spills, etc. thanks for that reminder. Very important in a chair pad!

Oh Tibbex, how I wish! I love the way they look bare but my backside doesn't. I linger at the table for hours with family and friends and they would all say, get the pads!

I have been leaning toward a off white duck/twill/ linen type of pad you see in all the catalogs.

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Hmmmm, my dining chairs for all of my dining tables are wood, no pads. I think they're more comfortable! Maybe I already have enough padding built in!

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Omg, that swatch is PERFECT, like a reverse of the rug! Great choice, looking forward to a post of the finished product. Love reds and yellows together!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thank you kswl. It is basically a reversal of the (a) rug and the fabric is a "rug" pattern. I had wondered if I was getting too gypsy-ish with all the red and gold...everything is so neutral these days.....

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I think that swatch would look great with that rug! It's very pretty, and will look quite dramatic against the black chairs.

Something that does bother me (even though you didn't ask, so forgive me) is the height of the arms. Would it be possible to raise the table just a bit so that the chairs can tuck under?

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"Too gypsish!?! Not possible.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Too funny rgps!

Errant, it wildly bothered me when I got the chairs. The table needs to be raised 1/2-3/4" or so in order for them to slide under. Ultimately, I decided they are fine not sliding under and better than removing the table top to raise-not gonna happen- or some kind of extender on the legs.
They are not too far away for family and me to sit perfectly comfortably at the table without any compromise.

The only option that remotely appealed to me was casters, but you don't usually see those on large dining room tables and then I thought it might raise the table too much for smaller people. I am tall, 5'11" and do want short people to be comfortable.
What a conundrum. That occupied my thoughts for way too long!
This was also a recent topic here, and although I did not post it, I avidly followed it.

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Lol, bumble, my motto is too much color isn't enough!

You could also have someone saw 3/4" off each chair leg.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Maybe some day, kswl, but right now, I am at peace. (and what if they did it wrong, messed it up, blah, blah, transporting furniture usually dings it up, blah, blah, ....) the turns/spindles on the lower part of the front of the chairs might look awkward....

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