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keithaverySeptember 13, 2006

I would like to thank everyone for all the information I have already gleaned from the site. My wife and I are building a small house. Our longterm plan is to have a large house and a guest house on a 8 ac property we recently bought. We plan to build the guest house first live in it for several years and then tackle the larger one. Our architect is finishing the blueprints but the floorplans are complete and we are starting to get bids for the house. We just got back our first window bid from Loewen. I knew they were going to be expensive but I was a little shocked. We have a total of 22 windows and the bid came in at about $21,000. There were a couple of mistakes on the bid but I think adjusting for the corrections it will be 21k +- 500. None of the windows are huge, but 4 of them are eyebrow(curved) tops. This feature seems to more than triple the flat top window cost.

I was wondering if I can expect a significant price drop if I go with a different manufacturer but still have aluminum cladding outside, wood interior, and double pane. The most expensive window is a 40 by 48 french casement(needed this for egress codes) in upstairs bedroom that is $2941.50 ouch..

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Yes, you can find less costly windows than Loewen, BUT staying with Loewen will have its rewards. I just installed 11 Loewen units in my home ($28,000 + labor) and I'm very satisfied. You don't mention the type of glazing you are buying, but this has a huge impact on price. We used the SmartGlass 3 triple glazing with 2 coats of Low E, everything was tempered glass.

Immediately, we experienced a reduction in heat gain and the windows are so quiet you can hardly hear any exterior noise. I shopped around and had other prices between $15,000 and $140,000. (Yes $140K, don't ask). I've been a contractor for over 35 years and this is the first time I used Loewen, it's a very impressive product and is well worth a few extra dollars. They are very quality oriented at the plant, the packaging, cleanliness, hardware and everything they do is first class. Quality isn't for everybody, but if it's for you, buy Loewen.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

That's a fair price! There really is no other wood window to compare it to. They exceed all expectations of a wood window. Their glazing systems are tough to beat.

Study the entire window and you'll understand why it's worth the investment.

The big name competition can't come close!


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A cautionary note...we are having a major problem with some of Loewen windows just installed on a new addition to our house. The service from Loewen has been terrible and their rep is unresponsive.

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I'm not surprised. Loewen has been going downhill since it (over)expanded a few years ago. Sales have become more important than quality. I think that attitude will catch up with Loewen soon, I've heard many negative stories about Loewen from builders and other architects recently.

What type of Loewen windows did you install in your home? Some are better than others.

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How Funny, I am composing a list of windows that can help reduce my teraffice noise I hear from the Thruway (1/3 mile away, don't ask) and Loewen is one of these windows. I am also considering Weathershields new Zo-E triple paned windows and possibly Pella Desingner. I wanted to use Milgard BUT nobody in New York services them. I do have a Loewen rep that lives about 5 miles awya and have to return his call.

Anyone have an idea on how much a triple paned DH 3x5 window would be, round about; "We used the SmartGlass 3 triple glazing with 2 coats of Low E)

I heard Marvins are quiet too?

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We are also looking into high STC windows. For Loewen 35.25"x53" double hung with tranquilty glazing came to be 1120 each (not with install). Eagle came in about 20% less (with install).

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Loewen, $1120, HOLY !!!! Did I hear that Loewen Requires their reps to do the install?

Does Eagle offer hight STC? Not on my list, but I do have a local dealer , actually just 4 miles away. I have heard they are comparable to Marvin in terms of quality.

$1120, OMG. My wife would kill me if I spent that much. I wonder how much their triple glaze is.

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The price (which was the best Loewen quote of 3) was from the Loewen distributor. They have a seperate contractor he recommended but we did not need to use. The install without the contractor coming to the house to give an actual quote was quoted on the phone as up to $450 per window. So as you can see the prices were getting a little high.

Eagle offers a laminated glass which matched Loewens STC rateing. Eagle also offered the high STC glass in double hungs where Loewen only did it in casements. I can see how casements would be better for sound but it is nice to have the option. My Eagle quote (includeing install, tax, etc) was about 5900 for 6 windows (two the size mentioned and 4 a little taller).

I have not tried these yet - has anyone tried the laminated (high STC glass)? We are probably going to purchase in the next few weeks.

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Wow, my contractor only charges $150/per to install windows. On Mondya I will have to get to the Eagle place and pick their brains.

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Just wondering if you had a chance to go to your eagle rep. Find out anything new/different. We are trying to purchase soon.

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Loewen arch and radius top stuff is expensive. Very expensive. It's difficult to bend wood like that and make it all work. Only true craftsman should try such a thing.

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