rugpads - any recommendations?

lyfiaAugust 15, 2012

I'm in the search for the perfect rug pad, but can't seem to find one. I've bought both cheap and expensive ones including something called organic and they all seem to have some kind of issue. Except the original cheap one I bought a long time ago that is still going strong. Want to find another like it.

Here's what I'm looking for - anybody have one you can recommend.

- Doesn't smell/offgas after a couple of days of airing it out in the garage

- doesn't leave a grid looking pattern on the floor

- doesn't allow the rug to slip

- doesn't leave a powdery substance all over the floors.

- not too thin to provide a little cushion, but not thick either as the rug I'm getting is fairly thick.

Seems like these are all hard to find. I gave up and lived with the expensive one that left the powdery stuff. Now we got rid of that rug after going through potty training and got a new rug that is also more expensive and I now need to find another rug pad.

Do you have one that is still available to purchase and meets the above criteria?

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A pad like the one below is the best. I've had them for years and they work on both carpet and hardwood/tile. One side is a textured rubberized material and the other side feels like felt/wool.
Most rug stores carry them or you can order online.

The names vary.......

Here is a link that might be useful: rug pads

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Elraes Miller

Here is a post with many rec's regarding rug pads.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rug pads

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Thank you annz and technicolor.

Annz - what happens with those if something wet is spilled is it easy to tell if it is completely dry?

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I use the same type as annz. You can order them from Overstock, Pottery Barn, etc., but I've found the best deals at local rug shops, and they can cut a custom size for you too. My rugs are pretty thick, and they work great. They're good for both carpet and hardwood floors.

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