Need advice on hinges for inset doors.

bethJuly 18, 2009

We are ready to put our RTA inset door cabinets together, and noticed that there are no door hinges or borings for hinges. Not a major problem, except that we would like invisible hinges, and have never done this before. Sooo our question is which hinges should we purchase to best accomplish this?

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Poke around these options. Click on any given hinge and you'll see that each is offered in three different styles -- full overlay, half overlay and inset. You need to first choose the appropriate hinge type for each particular door, then select the inset version of that hinge.

The ones I linked to are Blum hinges, but similar hardware is offered by other manufacturers such as Grass and Salice.

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Oops, where did I get inset from? Anyhow, figure out whether your cabinets are inset, full- or half-overlay and choose accordingly.

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Thank you jon1270. That's exactly it. Much appreciated. You got inset from my question. We have Blumotion for the drawers.

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You got inset from my question.

Got it. Glad I wasn't going nuts there.

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pasture19 - if you don't mind me asking, where did you get your cabinets from? How is the assembly going so far? We are looking into RTA insets right now...

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