Harbor Freight Nippers - replacement wheels?

wishdishOctober 16, 2013

Hi all, I'm going to be doing a workshop (my first one-wish me luck!). Getting supplies now. I want to offer tools for everyone, so chose to go with Harbor Freight wheeled nippers. Can't afford several pairs of Lepps right now. I tried the HF ones, I think they are okay. But I don't see where you can get replacement wheels for them, at least not thru HF. Do you know if other wheels will fit them? Thanks, Ellen

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Good luck on finding them anywhere - maybe Delphi, but postage w/cost you more than the price of the wheels. When mine get dull I just go and buy a new nipper. Home Depot has them for $13.00 - a dollar cheaper than Hobby Lobby. I noticed they have them at Michaels now, but didn't check the price.

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Thanks, Slow. Yeah, I figured that I would probably need to treat them as throwaways. If I end up doing more classes, then I might invest in Lepps, but for now, I think the HF ones will be fine. When I bought the one pair that I now have, I did have to pick and choose, opening packages, before I found a "good" one. Looks like they've gone up a dollar since I bought mine.

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