large windows on North side of house

camillawordenSeptember 30, 2012

We have a 1960 ranch in CT and are remodeling it. We are considering adding an addition to the back of the house that would have a cathedral ceiling with large windows in it to capture the view of the surrounding woodland. Taller windows and ceilings would be preferable however we are concerned that the room will be cold and our energy bills will go up substantially, especially because the windows will be on the north-northwest side of the house. The window wall would be about 22' long; the addition is planned to jut out 14' from the house.

Has modern window technology and building construction progressed to the point where this is no longer a concern?

Or is this a bad idea for energy consumption? Will the room feel cold in our zone 5-6 weather? Is there a particular window that is recommended? Will it cost us a fortune?

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You can certainly get the look that you want and depending on the window and performance that you pay for, the performance offset will not be that bad.

Most 2x4 framed walls perform at and average R-Value of about R-7 to R-9.

There are window systems that are R-6+ without particularly exotic materials.

In conjunction with a high performance window, you would be well advised to consider some additional thermal shades or curtains to slow additional heat loss from the space.

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That does sound like alot of glass. Not sure what kind of heat the home has but radiant would be a good option. Would be more efficient and "feel" warmer too. The most efficient windows are of course a good idea :)

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Thanks. Any particular window manufacturer that you recommend? Who should we not use? Are triple pane worth the cost?

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What do you want the windows to look like? i.e wood, fiberglass, vinyl, etc?

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