Catalyzed Lacquer Topcoat--Can I stain or paint this?

beekeeperswifeJuly 19, 2011

I have found a Drexel Heritage dresser that would be perfect in my bedroom, except it is totally in the wrong finish. Immediately I figured I could stain/gel stain/ or even paint it. Well worth the trouble, the $2000 dresser is priced at $300.

However, I'm not sure if I can paint or stain it. The top is sort of "really smooth". I thought maybe I could sand it? Not sure.

So, I went on Drexel Heritage's website and saw that some of their furniture has a Shield Topcoat. I did a little further looking and this is how I see the topcoat described:

"DH Shield is an optional catalyzed lacquer topcoat which may be applied to the tops of

many Drexel Heritage products. This material will provide increased durability and enhanced protection on wood finish and nearly all painted tops against moisture, common household products, as well as most scratches and rub marks. Since only the top of the furniture will be re-coated with the hard topcoat there may be slight variation between the top and vertical surfaces of the furniture. Every effort will be made to match the original sheen of the furniture as closely as possible. While DH Shield is a very hard topcoat, it is important to remember proper care should still be taken to protect the surface of your furniture including the immediate removal of all spills."

This furniture is located at a Home Goods, so I can't really ask any questions, sort of on my own.

Anybody know anything about this? I appreciate all quick answers as this baby gets reduced in price this afternoon.

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Catalyzed lacquer is not a uniform product. There are pre-cats and post-cats, for instance.

Stain? No, stain needs to be applied to raw wood.

Glaze or tone? Probably. Stick with lacquer-based products and not just grab a can of good ol' polyurethane. Avoid "all in one poly" such as Polyshades.

Paint, probably, but don't use an inexpensive latex, prone to blocking.

The best chance you are going to have is if you clean well and apply a coat of dewaxed shellac as a barrier / bond coat. Then use a non-poly varnish, lacquer, high quality acrylic or oil-based paint (if you can still get it in your locale).

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