Marvin Infinity or Gorrell?

hannahm7373September 12, 2010

I will be replacing double-hung windows in New Jersey. I have heard good things about both the Marvin and the Gorrell windows. Does anyone have experiences with both of them and can say which might be better? Also, any other windows that I should be considering?

Is the 3 pane window necessary for this climate?

And last but not least--what questions should I be asking the contractors?-------------Thanks!

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Two very different windows.

The Gorrell with have more potential for efficiency and will be cheaper.

The Infinity is not available in triple pane.

The Infinity is much, much prettier. The Gorrell is not really considered to be attractive even amongst its vinyl counterparts.

You have two ends of the spectrum right here.

Both solid windows though.

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I've looked at fiberglass replacements from Marvin, Milgard and Pella. I'm going with Milgard mostly because they have the best warranty - lifetime. The other 2 were 10-20 years. The price for Milgard was better than Marvin. Milgard does come with triple pane which I'm mostly getting to better reduce noise from a nearby highway, and it's only about $70 more per window.

And Marvin's doing something sneaky here, in my opinion. I live at 7000 ft and want windows that qualify for the tax credit. To qualify they have to put argon gas in. I noticed in their warranty that it voids the warranty if windows are installed at >5000 ft without breather tubes. Well, you can't have breather tubes with argon gas! It bleeds out immediately! I pointed this out and the rep told me they'd make an exception for my warranty so I could still get the tax credit. There must be a good reason to have breather tubes at >5000 ft if it voids the warranty without them, and yet he's pushing the argon and no tubes!

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Are you sure you didn't misinterpret what the rep told you? You will need capillary tubes at 7000 feet. What they do is equalize the pressure within the IG unit between the site of production and the high elevation. Without the tubes, you risk glass breakage.
The exception he spoke of was probably the tax credit for non argon windows with capillary tubes but I would check.

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Hello eastbay. Yes it even has argon in the quote and his business and my house are in the same city which is at 7000ft. OK - my GPS says 6600 but that seems close enough (?).
From the quote:
However Amber_Windows had some good information in her response here
But I think I'm going with Milgard Ultra. They by default didn't try sell me argon and put breather tubes in and their window qualifies for the tax credit without argon if I get SunCoatMax.

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I've had the Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows for five years now and love them.

The double pane window should do just fine. I live on the MA-CT border and it's a little colder up here than Jersey, and we've had no problem with the windows in this climate.

It's a good looking window and our installers did a phenomenal job. They're easy to clean and I'll NEVER have to paint another window ever again!

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