Help with Replacement windows in a new shed

richandclaireSeptember 24, 2010

Ive undertaken a shed building project and I have no experience what-so-ever, but am taking on the challenge. I purchased replacement windows from a mfg who happen to have 3 windows in the size I need for cheap. They are 15.75 by 23.5 high. My question is how do i frame out and install these "replacement windows" in the construciton of a new shed.

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Get a clip in accessory that converts the exterior to a nailing flange.

Nail off the window when square and plumb.

Tape the flange, you are done.

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Or, frame the RO like normal but install a wood "stop" at the outside of the RO about 3/4" thick & flashed at the top. Set the replacement unit from the inside against that stop, trim and viola!

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