The wire is TOO big to rewire my lamp! Help, please

soozApril 12, 2010

I'm trying to rewire an old lamp (been in the family since the 1940s I think) and have done so successfully in the past with this same lamp.

This time, however, I cannot get the new wiring to fit into the access hole and then the "tube" that runs up the center of the lamp. It just seems that the new wiring is just enough bigger than the old wiring that it stops the process after a couple of inches.

My first attempt was to use the old wiring and pull the new wiring through the "tube" by threading the old to the new. This was unsuccessful.

My second attempt was to take apart the lamp and try to thread the new wiring up through the tube by itself. I tried gently putting it in, I tried pushing it, I tried doing a tiny bit at a time, but was unsuccessful at moving the wiring after a couple of inches.

Seems that if I could get it going for a couple of inches, the rest would follow, right? ...but nooooo, it just stopped and I couldn't get any more wiring into the center tubing.

Any ideas would be appreciated!



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^^^^ Thats what she said, no wait that was something else.^^^^ Buy a 16 or 18 guage nine foot extension cord and cut the end off and get busy wiring that lamp.

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There are a number of different temperature rated zip-cords available.

The higher temperature rated ones tend to have thicker insulation.

Start hunting for physically smaller cordage.

Buying an extension cord just for the wire is often cheaper than trying to buy just wire.

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I love it! We do the "that's what she said" in my circles too!

Thanks for the suggestion--and the laugh!


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From what I've seen, the zip cord the hradware store near me sells by the foot is smaller (thinner) than a standard extension cord. Most extension cords these days are 16ga and have heavy insulation.

What you probably want is type SPT-1, not SPT-2.

If you can't find it, buy an older but well cared for lamp or other smalll appliance at a thrift store or rummage sale, and cannibalize the cord.

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Thanks for the extra info and good suggestions!!!

Much appreciated!


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