waterlox for wood counter around undermount farm sink?

saydeJuly 6, 2010

Because of all I've read in the previous posts, have decided to use Waterlox on our kitchen cabinets (original gumwood--we're restoring) and counters -- planning maple butcherblock, either edge or plank. We will have an undermount fireclay apron/farm sink. Would appreciate guidance:

Can we use the maple around the sink, or will we get into trouble with expansion/contraction? We are considering alternatives such as using some kind of stone for inserts about 18 inches on either side of and behind the sink. Also wondering if we should use teak instead of maple, but first choice would be all maple, and no stone.

If we use all maple, does it matter plank or edge grain from the perspective of water and expansion around the sink?

Is waterlox the right finish for this or should we be looking at something else for the area around the sink? Can we mix finishes?

Would be very appreciative of guidance . . .


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Chronic water exposure is a tough situation for any finish. End grain exposure makes it worse.

Maple also has a relatively high coefficient of expansion with moisture content, IIRC.

If it was mine, I'd put something else around the edge of the sink.

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Thank you bobsmyuncle! We will make an apron of something like honed marble for around the sink. Appreciate your response.

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