Estimate for Soft-Lite Pro Windows

ras1984September 19, 2011

I'm in northern VA and need to replace four leaky windows on the rear of the house. All sliders. We got an estimate from a company for Soft-Lite Pro sliders with 8/8 grids, white on white, low E and argon. All are 36x36. Our estimate was $2400. Is this correct for just four windows?

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Depends on what is involved in the installation. Many companies have a minimum number of windows they will install. That price doesn't seem out of line to me. Why do you think it is? Soft-lite is one of the better brands out there.

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Seems like a pretty good price without knowing more about the installation.

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Thanks! I just wasn't sure and know very little about windows. I just know that the current ones are leaking and we want to replace them as a result.

I feel like we are only going to be in the house about another 5 years before we move so would it make more sense to go a cheaper route and get a different brand?

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Sure if you don't mind leaving a poor quality window for the person who buys your house to deal with. I hope, for your sake, the person who currently owns the next house you buy doesn't think like you do. Wouldn't that be poetic justice?

Why don't you contact another Softlite Dealer in Northern Virginia and see if he would be willing to offer a little better pricing? I think your biggest issue is that you only want 4 windows. There's not a lot of profit in 4 windows.

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True, point taken - that's practically the situation we're in now. We just bought the house a couple months ago. Thanks for your advice!

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Another suggestion would be to ask the dealer for a price on the Softlite Barrington. It's a step down from the Pro, but it's still a nice window for someone on a tight budget.

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