Thicker Window Trim Ideas?

annecJuly 23, 2012

I want to install either interior shutters or 2" blinds, but my windows don't go that deep, and I don't want the blind top/valence or shutter frames to stick out past the window trim. So can I install thicker window trim so it's flush with the window treatment? Any suggestions? Thank you.

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You could extend the jamb but then the window trim would be proud of the wall by whatever distance you extended the jamb. I'm not sure that would look so good, even if you filled that gap.

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how much do you need to come out? but you can use thicker trim.

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Thanks Mike and Terry. I have 1 1/4 inches of depth to install shutters or whatever, which should be enough without extending the jamb. The shutters are 1.5 inches deep. My trim now is that tapered stuff that's only about 1/8" thick on the window side, so I'll need to replace it with a thicker one. I think the trim should extend a little beyond the shutter installation.

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I tried to illustrate what's going to happen if you extend the jamb. Just replacing the trim with "thicker" moulding isn't going to help. Typically the trim sits on the jamb so extended the jamb will create a gap at the wall.

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Thicker trim will have the affect of giving you more space, but is a rather expensive job.

Try a real lumber yard for a much larger selection of moldings than the big box stores.

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also need a wider window stool.

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