Creating a long, thin frame with no glass

michelle_phxazJuly 21, 2009

I received a nice drawing print that is on a sheet of parchment-type paper that is about 7 feet long and 6" tall. I know a custom frame would be insanely expensive, I am okay with hanging this with perhaps the little pieces of tacky gummy stuff I used back in college to hang posters, but don't know what products are now out there.

I don't want the gummy stuff to bleed through the print (I remember that unless the poster was glossy the oils would show through) so can someone please recommend a hanging material? Or help me with creating a very simple frame? I do have a circular saw and can create a thin frame, but I don't know how to attach the poster, and it won't have glass on it.

Thank you to all for any ideas!

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In a teacher's supply store I found 'Infostrip'.
It comes in 2" X 6' rolls with 'post-it' type gum on both surfaces.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tac-On

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There are a number of acid free double sided tapes available in craft and hobby stores.
For a frame, you can buy molding strips (stain/paint to your liking) from a home improvement store and just miter and glue the edges since there will be no glass or structural strength required.
Tape the parchment to the wall and mount the frame around it with double sided tape that will take the weight.

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It seems to me that the drawing is not going to look good on the wall unless it's laminated to something to make it reasonably flat. Normally, a frame shop would dry-mount it to foamcore board. Since I doubt you can get foamcore in a 7' length, you need to find something else. Masonite comes to mind, as you could go buy a 4 x 8 sheet and have the yard or Home Depot cut it to size for you. I'd then stiffen that by gluing some 1 x 1 strips to back, recessed from the sides, to create a floating effect on the wall. Then you could use some of the double sided tape suggested above, or perhaps spray adhesive (depending on how permanent you want this or how precious the drawing is) to mount it to the backing. If you still want a frame around it, do as suggested above; buy suitable molding at Home Depot or wherever and miter the corners.

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