Best (or slickest) way to trim vinyl slats for vertical blinds?

fixizinSeptember 6, 2009

Hey Gang, I've got a nice set of custom-cut verticals which (long boring story) I'm mounting in a different opening than the one they were trimmed for.

Luckily the track mechanism fits in the new opening as-is, but the slats will each need 3/4" trimmed off (which is easier than ADDING 3/4", LOL)...

If I use tin snips, I can only cut 1 or 2 slats at a time, and I'm afraid I'll wind up with variances, leaving a ragged looking "hemline". Is there a way to cut them ALL at once, clamped in a stack, with a jigsaw or circular saw, that will NOT leave the edges jagged... or MELTED?

Thanks in advance, window treatment neophyte, blundering into the danger zone... =:O

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WHOA!... aw-right, OK... don't everyone chime in at once... you'll crash my broadband connection, lol... ;')

Finally dug my tin snips out of storage. Plan is to make a jig, of sorts, out of the reveal bracket, or something L-shaped, use a T-square to scribe an accurate right angle on some scrap, then press my jig to the end of the slats and trim 1 or 2 at a time, using the edge of my jig as a guide. Sounds good on paper.

OTOH, I got the track mounted, and it turns out I only need 3/16" off, not 3/4"... so I'm thinking of taking my ORBITAL SANDER to the whole stack! Stop me before I abrade again! =:O

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POULTRY SHEARS! The tin snips were hopelessly greasy, and stained all my test cut stock. Then I remembered my never-used poultry shears... their forgotten handles like a hood ornament in the middle of my knife block... worked GREAT!

Measured carefully, scribed a line w/ T-square, cut cleanly... TEDIOUS and time-consuming for 24 slats.

Gave the stack a quick block-sanding to even them up. Sweet "hemline". The PVC is so soft, it sands EASILY w/ #220 WetDry. DONE!

But there's GOT to be a more automated way to go...

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Maybe you can see if one of the custom blind places will do it for a small fee. The Big box home improvement stores cut stock blinds to whatever length you need also. Doesn't hurt to ask and it might save you having to buy new slats.

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